Close Opportunity
The opportunity will no longer appear when volunteers search for opportunities preventing any further sign-ups. Sessions with existing committed volunteers will still go ahead and these volunteers will not be removed from future sessions.

This function is usually used when the provider already has enough volunteers on the opportunity or they want to remove the opportunity from volunteers search menu.


2. Click on the OPPORTUNITY DETAILS button next to the opportunity you want to close.

3. Click on the CLOSE opportunity button on the sub-menu.

Close Opportunity and Remove volunteers
The opportunity will no longer appear when volunteers search for opportunities, nor will any volunteers be able to commit to any future sessions. Existing volunteers linked to any future sessions will be removed and informed that these sessions are no longer available.

This function is usually used if the opportunity has been cancelled. If the opportunity is re-activated at a later date the volunteers will need to reapply for the opportunity.

To suspend an opportunity you have to complete the following steps:

2.    Select the opportunities that you want to remove by clicking on the check box in the right hand column.
3.   Click on the drop-down box at the bottom of the screen which says ‘Please select an action’, and select CLOSE OPPORTUNITY AND REMOVE VOLUNTEERS
4.   Click on the GO button.


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