The normal process is for volunteers ‘sign up’ to an opportunity themselves, but it is quite common for providers to manually signup volunteers when they have agreed it over the phone or via email.

As the provider you can add volunteers to a session yourself  by doing the following:

2.   Click on the ‘Opportunity Volunteer Information’ button.
3.     At the bottom of the screen is a list of the sessions for the opportunity, click on the ADD VOLUNTEER button next to the appropriate session, and start tying their name.  As you type a list of matching volunteers will appear, just click on the volunteer you want to add and they will be joined to the session.  They will also recieve an email if it is the first session they have done on this opportunity.

Note: Providers can only add volunteers which appear in their YOUR VOLUNTEERS list.  You can see which volunteers are linked to you by going to MANAGE VOLUNTEERS > YOUR VOLUNTEERS.  These volunteers have been either linked to you by the administrator or have previously joined one of your opportunities.

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