You may be aware that TeamKinetic automatically sends notification emails to effected volunteers when:

  • A Session Date or Time is changed
  • A volunteer is removed from an opportunity or session

For some large events you may need to┬áchange a number of session┬átimes, this can be a problem as you don’t want volunteers to receive hundreds of emails.

To prevent this you can use the PAUSE button on the opportunity sub-menu, this will prevent emails being sent out when session TIME or DATES are changed. Once you have changed the sessions you can RESUME emails, then send an email to everyone on the opportunity requesting that they login and check their session times.

NOTE: It will not prevent emails being sent to volunteers when they are REMOVED from a session or opportunity, as the volunteer will always need to be informed that they have been removed, and you cant email them at the end as there is no way to know which volunteers you have removed.

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